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Football, basketball, ice hockey or even polo or golf? You can’t live without sport, can you? With new supplement «Bets» you will be able not only support your favorite team or a sportsman, but also to make money. Come in – combine pleasant with useful!

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There is an unprecedented opportunity, which is able to surprise everyone. In the nearest future we will impress you with European and world brand clothes and household appliances of the highest quality and wonderful price.


Are you tired from routine days or may be from the very childhood have a dream to be a traveller like Columbus and Magellan? Do you want to feel the atmosphere of conservative Germany or to enjoy the beauty of Mediterranean Sea? With “Forever in Germany” dream come true!


Всю жизнь мечтали воочию увидеть любимых отечественных исполнителей и получить бесценный для Вас автограф; но Родина далеко, а круговорот забот не оставляет свободного времени? Не беда-они приедут сами! Выступления отечественных исполнителей в самых больших городах Германии!

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Organization «Forever in Germany» is created to help everyone, who wants to come to Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) with the goal of living, having rest, studying or getting a job.

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